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UK Tutoring

UK Tutoring

Gap Year School Addresses

Sample Letter Application



Private Gap Tutor/Student arrangements.



This involved you privately writing to a number of schools (in Britain) and applying for a position as a Gap Student/Tutor.

You will need to have your application letters posted by the end of February in Yr12.

Before you send your application letter you might wish to present it to Mr Kelly or your English teacher who will make further suggestions.

Your application letter should include.

1.  A brief introduction stating what you are writing for.

2.  A quick a paragraph about you. Academic, sporting, interests etc.

3.  Further paragraphs with more detail about you.

4.  Names and contacts of people who might be referees for you.


THEN : attach references, school reports etc..any documents that might demonstrate your abilities/successes.


 It would be wise to direct letters to “The Headmaster” rather than the name these may have changed.


Get involved in responsibilities, activities, training etc that might help make you are more attractive choice for these positions.

Eg. Get Aus Swim quals. First Aid Certificate etc.


* Camp America - 9-12 week adventures

* CCUSA - a variety of experiences not just in the USA

* IEP (Working Adventures Worldwide) - specific programs for under 18's

* Cultural Care Au Pair -

* Australian Volunteers - short term volunteer placements

* Global Volunteers International - provides a range of programs for young adults (aged 15-17)